Messages from Gaia

June 4, 2018,
Claire Montanaro
Gaia's beauty

Everything that happens on or in the precious planet that is her home and ours, that is her vehicle of expression, has a meaning, literal or symbolic, that is intended to help the human beings who are honoured to be chosen to live lives on Earth, volunteers in the great experiment devised by divine will to test souls and change the nature of Spirit. The messages may be a blessing or a warning, a hint or an encouragement: they are signposts to a better way. The messages may be as small as the call of the cuckoo, or as strong as a volcanic eruption. As I write to you, a juvenile cuckoo is practicing his singing in nearby woods, and the Fuego volcano in Guatemala is erupting violently with considerable loss of life. It is known to be an active volcano, but this is unexpected and more severe than anything experienced for decades. The sound of the cuckoo reassures me that despite man’s carelessness, nature is strong: the familiar sound is a reminder of the beauty in the sounds of life around us, but because it is increasingly rare, of the need to take care of this and many other family species, for we are its guardians after all. Volcanic activity, meanwhile, is becoming very frequent, and not just in Guatemala and Hawaii – even dormant volcanoes are coming back to life. Earth is moving underground, restless and distressed by the plundering of her resources and the threats to her well-being. We try to control her, and she is showing she is in charge, and always will be. The cuckoo’s pure song is a message of innocence, an invitation for us to remember the same qualities of simplicity and grace with which we were born and so easily forgot. The volcanic eruptions reflect the anger of so many people: violence is everywhere, in street crime and in the minds of terrorists, in domestic abusers and in the countless civil wars that are so destructive and so pointless. Measured anger can be a useful spur to action for the highest good, but too often it is driven by self-focus, desire or fear. Do you choose anger over grace? Gaia’s messages are everywhere. Let us listen, all of us, let us hear.     [byline]]]>

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

4 comments on “Messages from Gaia”

  1. G'day, Claire!
    I've known of Gaia's distress for quite some time. Part of the solution to helping Gaia, I've found, is to work every day on de-manifesting pollution in the air, in the water and in the land all over this planet; de-manifesting racism, classism, sexism, intolerance and hate; and de-manifesting the power of those who have been intentionally causing harm for selfish gain. While there has initially been resistance to my efforts by some, that resistance is weakening.
    In the process, I feel Gaia is appreciative of my efforts. It gives new meaning to the old saw about every little bit helping.

    1. Thank you, William, as always. Yes, every little helps, and awareness and good intent particularly so. Help the worm stranded on the pavement where busy feet walk I know you do. Much appreciated.

  2. Fantastic post,just the other day I was thinking to myself ,what can I learn from nature .
    I had just been to my stepsons leaving service in a school for people with learning disabilities.I decided I was going to let my emotions flow ,whatever people may think.It was a very moving and inspiring morning ,watching what these young adults had achieved ,through their bravery and courage.
    I went outside for breath of fresh air ,the rain was tapping on the trees .I moved closer to them and more than everr I felt a connection with them.I touched a few and asked them'what can you teach me'.I observed them ,some bent by the forces of nature ,others tall ,leafy a shelter for a variety of wild species .The answer they gave me : just be ,let it be .They don't force anything ,they don't stop and just wither away ,they keep growing ,flourishing and shredding in the right seasons and the right times.completing many tasks at once including feeding us oxygen.
    I realised at this touching inspirational time I had let my conscious filter down ,and allowed nature to communicate with me .
    As coincidence woul have it ( I think not) when I walked back into the assembly hall I noticed a parent wearing a Beatles t-shirt with let it be emblazoned on it.
    Why are we so different than nature?Why do we do the horrible things like the ones mentioned in this post ?Plants ,flowers ,the sea ,the mountains they just are ;they don't kill because of ego ,animals kill to eat no more ,no less.And we ,destroy our Eco system day after day ,yet it means us no intentional harm.
    I totally. Agree with you Claire nature will is bei in charge.However ,unfortunately with our egos the size of the sun ,we humans think we're the ones in control;and it's getting worse and worse every daySomethings got to give .And if things don't change ,it certainly won't be nature !

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