Mr Cameron and his Big Society

October 7, 2010,
Claire Montanaro

The British Prime Minister in his party conference address yesterday focused on altruism and shared community responsibility.

It is a theme which forms the heart of the New Consciousness philosophy (and detailed in my website). It is the essence of modern spirituality also as epitomised and practised by human beings - moving away from the "I" imperative to the "We".

David Cameron has talked about it for years and it is an idea which is not a political point-scoring device but one which he truly believes. To me, it makes total sense that we cease the separatist attitude that has dominated human beliefs for thousands of years and instead we do our best to help our family, local community, and then the wider community beyond in whatever we can, whether it is through voluntary effort, financial support, or sharing what we have to give, without consideration for moral superiority, getting thanks and recognition, or personal gain.

While (I think) I understand Mr Cameron's approach, it appears from market research that many people in Britain cannot or will not do so. It will be hard to bring about the sea change of attitude that he seeks to achieve, and it may be that, just as in the 39-45 war, it will take a national crisis to bring about unity of spirit and purpose. Meanwhile, an often unrecognised army of ordinary men and women, and children, contribute their time and resources regularly to helping in small or larger ways the neighbours and communities they care about, including the planetary community. Whether it is finding a stray dog and trying to find the owner, helping with the school run, singing in the choir, donating to charity, becoming a magistrate, clearing debris from the local river, saying thank you to the supermarket check out girl - the smallest act of kindness becomes a big one, and helps enormously.

Yesterday, I asked for prayers for Hungary and I know you responded - thank you. Through the blog I discovered that a friend, whose post on this is on yesterday's blog page, has taken her concerns for the environment a stage further by starting a petition against drilling in the Arctic, something she has never done before. It is her way of helping the community and is wonderful, and has generated an immediate and excellent response. It shows what can be done with a loving heart and a desire to help.

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