News International: Karma in Action

July 9, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

While much of what we are learning about it is shocking though, sadly, not unbelievable, News International unintentionally is exemplifying karma in action very wonderfully.


For the last hundred years, at least, press barons and their henchmen have driven political decision-making and undermined the lives of many people heedlessly. It has been a global phenomenon, and in recent years with the increasing prevalence of visual media and immediate news the ability of journalists to humiliate or intimidate the targets of their attention in the most public way possible has become out of control. 


It made for uncomfortable viewing to see, for example, Princess Diana pursued by paparazzi to such a degree it seems it ended her life in the Paris car crash, or the unassuming weapons scientist Dr David Kelly hounded by the press (and politicians) until he committed suicide. The demand for scandal or a celebrity scoop has overwhelmed, in many cases, all sense of human decency, and of course the viewing and reading public who ask for and are prepared to pay for it have a responsibility too.

The power of these so-called moguls has seemed unstoppable and has been largely unchallenged until now. It is ironic and in a strange kind of way fitting that the media worldwide but particularly in the UK have their cameras and microphones trained now on the key perpetrators of the corruption and abuse in the news industry, currently epitomised by News International, and those  amongst them who previously dictated the script and directed the film, at whatever cost to the feelings of others or the best interests of a country, are experiencing vividly what it is like to be the focus of unwelcome and very public attention.

Once again this is karma in action, and in the new enforced and unstoppable era of transparency we will witness more and more of this as the chickens come home to roost for politicians, police, the judiciary and all the “respected” institutions of democracy.

And, of course, karma applies to you and me also: the consequences of our intent and actions are just as significant as they are for Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks, even if they are not so high-profile. This is why judgment and finger pointing are both unhelpful and counter-productive, for they will always rebound on us, and often painfully.


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