The Frailties of being Human - Lessons from Phone-Hacking

July 7, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

The frailties of humanity are on display just now as the UK, at every level, confronts the implications of the phone hacking drama.

Within all the emotional reactions there is judgment , anger, blame, excuses, lies, defensiveness, and fear. There is understandable shock at the revelations, but there is a danger that, as more revelations emerge as they will, the near-hysteria will produce an unstoppable demand for action - you could say for revenge and punishment which will make an already painful situation far worse.

While recognising that a hierarchy within society has been abusing the feelings, privacy and rights of fellow human beings for personal and corporate gain, another way of looking at the situation is to welcome the fact that at long last the murky underworld of some parts of the press and police is being laid bare for public scrutiny - and it may be that other organisations are found to be involved also. It is better to be aware of what is going on than to be blinkered behind rose-tinted spectacles, however unpleasant it may be to know the whole story, for it is the only way, ultimately, to ensure that an endemic culture of corruption and unkindness in certain quarters ceases. If we know the truth we can choose what to do about it, and universal public pressure is the most powerful weapon there is to change a system that is rotten.

It is easy to judge all policemen and women and all journalists as being compliant at least if not active in the illegal obtaining and sale of information, personal or otherwise and it must be the case that some people knew what was happening but chose to turn a blind eye.Often peer pressure, corporate culture, the desire to conform and of course the lure of money causes an individual to forget the basic values in being human like compassion, kindness, honesty and decency. What has come to light is a reminder to us all of what it means to be part of a shared community, of how we behave towards each other, and what are boundaries of unacceptable behaviour within that community.

Many people will be feeling regret today, and rather than being a human frailty, regret and the learning that comes from it will prove to be an admirable human strength - if they allow it to be.


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