Power on the Streets of Britain

August 10, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

The manifestation of power in an unexpected, ugly way is distressing however much we know it is for the greater good.

The deaths last night of three people and serious injury of another, all trying to protect their properties from mob attack, may shock the troublemakers into seeing the seriousness of their actions and to desist, though possibly not for long. Their sense of disaffection from society and community coupled with distorted values based on ego makes it inevitable there will be further demonstrations of their contempt for the law and the established precepts for co-existence.

They have tasted the aphrodisiac of power. Gang culture is based on hierarchy and dominance, and that aspect of power has been expanded as they have found (they believe) that they can do what they want, take what they want, and are above the law. Like a drug they will want more, and for them the realisation of power derives from force.

While conflict, resulting ultimately in harmony, is a Fourth Ray activity, power is very much one relating to the First Ray; all rays have aspects which are positive or negative, expressed in human terms as strengths and weaknesses, and we have been seeing First Ray qualities of ruthlessness and aggression in action on the streets of Britain. One day the anarchists will learn that true power is not about brute physicality but about integrity, leadership, courage and generosity; however, because their souls sleep still, that time, for them, is a long, long way off.

Once upon a time, we were like them too, learning about the use and misuse of strength and force and for many of us our lessons about the First Ray qualities continue today but in a gentler way. It helps, as we watch and judge, to remember this, even as we grieve for those in Britain who suffer from their deeds today.

Accompanying our Fourth Ray Harmony Crystal Essence is another essence, the First Ray Power Crystal Essence, to help you to overcome your human doubts and fears in order to move forward on your path with purpose, courage and clarity.


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