Re-Living Atlantis Today

February 27, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

When the cycle of separation between humanity and God began 26000years ago, at the fall of Atlantis, was this a decision made by humanity? By God? By both? Is there an over-soul to all humanity? How do we heal the pain of the loss experienced then, which, for many of us, is resurfacing now?

These were questions put up on my website today, and I am grateful to Victoria for taking the trouble.  Because she raises concepts that are so important I have decided to answer them here and now, hoping that the discussion will be of interest to many.

Every person who was significantly involved in the events of Atlantis, or for whom Atlantis was significant, is alive on Earth now, because this cycle of time in which we are is a replica and reminder of what occurred then. Atlantis, through the choices made by its people, fell and the world changed. The choices we make now, individually and collectively, will determine the future of the planet and beyond for aeons to come.

So, yes, the fall of Atlantis was the result of a decision made by humanity just as the decisions each of us makes in every moment affects the determination of our life now. However, there is a bigger picture, even, than this. Our human choices, even down to whatever emotion we may take on, affect our human life: they stem from the personality which is not who we are in our essence as soul and spirit. They facilitate the expansion of consciousness but ultimately will not change the inevitability of where we are going on our timeless, limitless personal cosmic journey.

So it was with Atlantis. The detail and expression of the fall was determined by humans, but the schism had to happen as part of the ending of the old spiritual cycle and the arrival of the new, a cycle of separation. The difference now is that the cycle which emerges is all about the ending of the separation after 26000 long years. How the “reunion” with Spirit occurs is up to us - but it will, it must happen.

Many people, indeed, are remembering and feeling the terrible pain of the separation. They feel anger with God for letting it happen for making them go through it and not protecting them from the suffering.  Some suffer without knowing why, and that is hard. It may help to remember that it is the personality which feels the pain and emotion, not the core of who you are. The truth is that you, being a part of all that is, are also part of the divine, part of the decisions to do with separation and reunion, great cycles of time and Spirit. If you can see that the separation had to be, for the sake of the planetary and human evolution and far more than that, that it was not personal but part of the Plan of God, then healing can begin.

Spirit is making us remember, feel, and confront what was, to help us move beyond it to a place of peace.


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