The Magic Age for Drugs?

May 5, 2011,
Claire Montanaro

A new medical study could lead to drug treatment based on someone’s age and not on their state of health.


Researchers in London are recommending that people, when they reach a certain age such as 55 or 60, should automatically be treated for diseases such as diabetes and heart problems, regardless of whether they are at risk or not, on the grounds that it would be simpler and cheaper than conventional screening, and as effective. 


Fortunately, like the flu jab, patients will have the opportunity to decline the treatment and, as someone who avoids the introduction of drugs, chemicals and all toxins in my body as far as I can, I will do so. While I know that for some people such medicines are necessary (and I would never encourage anyone to leave the conventional route because of my own personal views) I believe that much ill-health is created and can be assisted by diet, lifestyle and, very importantly, state of mind.

Often stress and anxiety causes us to eat comfort food, drink too much alcohol and live in a tired reverie, separated from the world around us. Through this we have the opportunity to see how much the mind can control us emotionally and physically as well as mentally, and to remember that symptoms of imbalance in our body are triggered by the soul telling us there is something for us to notice and do, for the sake of our cosmic journey. If we fail to pay attention, the imbalance will develop further until we do - and it does not require, necessarily, the use of harsh chemical substances.

Meanwhile, the implications of a mass medical treatment programme for everyone over a certain age are alarming, for the ingestion of any drug changes the make-up of the body and can affect the mind. No drug is totally safe for everybody and by implementing the recommendations there would be potential for further disempowerment, as we see now in many nursing homes where elderly residents are routinely drugged to keep them quiet and under control.

In the end, however, it is all about choice, and I know that many people find conventional medical care reassuring and supportive and that it suits them very well. It is not my place to try and persuade them otherwise, and I do not do so - each to their own. I was rather amazed, though, as I listened to a discussion about this age-based medical treatment on the radio this morning, that there was favourable acceptance of the idea in principle and no consideration of the ethical issues underpinning it.

Like the automatic introduction of fluoride into mains drinking water which is prevalent in the UK, such ideas could become reality through apathy - but if that is the choice of the British population, I will accept it with good grace while declining all requests to be part of it - for that is my choice.


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