The Sun Behaving Oddly

January 20, 2014,
Claire Montanaro

Planetary life, and your life, depends on the mood of the Sun, and, apart from rare incidents such as asteroid collisions, every change of any significance to Earth has been due to some form of solar activity. When our Sun behaves oddly, it serves us to take heed. For some time now extremes of solar behaviour have been noticed, some of which caused the Aurora Borealis to move south in a rare event, and about which I wrote last week. The intensity of weather in many parts of the world have been attributed to solar flares, and indeed scientists expect the Sun to be at a peak of activity now – but it is not: this time is the solar maximum of its present 11 year cycle, but the usual winds, sun spots and eruptions are minimal, and experts are baffled. The SunYou can watch a short BBC video about the phenomena here, the key point of which is that we may be experiencing the fastest rate of solar decline for 10,000 years with the possibility of long freezing winters in the northern hemisphere because of the cooling Sun. The overall temperature of the Planet may not be altered very much, but there could be great variation of warmth and cold between continents. Light itself could be affected, declining in its power and brightness, and the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, would be a memory. The SunI am not a pessimist, and see the unusual behavior of the Sun as another demonstration of the transition of our Planet to sacred status as it moves inexorably to higher dimensions.  It would be odd if the Sun did not show change at this special time. There are parallels here with the human state of spirituality, whereby we have reached the deepest levels of materialism – money focused, celebrity obsessed, abusers of the environment and the powerless - but are ready now to turn away from this dark world of matter to find, use and grow the Light. The Sun’s quiescence is like a hedgehog in hibernation during the dark months of winter, waiting for the warmth and the light to begin life anew. The Sun is behaving oddly, and scientists do not know why, nor what will happen. They do not know. Do not be concerned about the possibility of another ice-age and how it might affect your life, but see it as part of the process of change, and the promise for the future. All is very well.


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