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Uneasy Spring Comfort

February 5, 2022,
Claire Montanaro
…life flows beautifully and easily

Unease is everywhere in our human world. 

A conventional wisdom is that your physical environment is a reflection of your inner state of being: the principle is true and just as the eyes are the windows of the soul, so your spiritual and emotional state is reflected in the way you live and the place you are in.  Disharmony within results in disharmony without, while when you are at peace life flows beautifully and easily.  You are, indeed, responsible for how your life is.

It is hard work getting to the point of perfect balance, and discouraging when just as you feel you are getting to the point of inner and outer contentment a shadow of unease falls over you, a sense of uncertainty, even anxiety that does not belong.  Many people perhaps including you are unsettled at this time without knowing why, and the source of their vague disquiet, if they seek to know, can be hard to pinpoint: it is more than general sensitivity to our changing world, but may relate to what is happening around us, now.

You have the will to good within you.  The more you strive to be your best, modestly, the more your inner and outer worlds reflect the benign energy you are creating, and the more beauty they have and you have.  Increasingly you will seek out the people and places that share your outlook of selfless aspiration, and any uninvited intrusion of disharmony hurts like a discordant note in a perfect piece of music, distracting you and spoiling the sublimity of the experience. 

Disharmony is everywhere, and while it has been present in different forms for millennia, it is manifesting itself publicly now in a way that has not been so overt before and which is creating the unease that is so palpable, the discordancy that intrudes upon your carefully nurtured sense of peace.  It relates to your energy field, the aura and life reflective of your soul state, and which likes a compatible sense of loving community beyond. 

The shadow of unease falls upon you when your sense of your community is jarring rather than easy, when being in your societal tribe is challenging rather than nurturing and when you see that your own high values are not being reflected in those demonstrated by your tribe leaders.  It is natural to want them, your representatives, to epitomise the best of the tribe and its values, to behave honestly and altruistically in a way that commands respect everywhere, and to reflect you.  It is not happening in any noticeable way in any part of the world, as the people of the UK, France, Germany, the USA and many other lands see a tribe leader who is, perhaps, arrogant, disconnected, disinterested, inept, self-serving, manipulative, corrupt, or dishonest, certainly not representing what you feel you or your country stands for.   

It is difficult to think of any world leader or aspiring leader who demonstrates those best attributes suggested above.  While everyone makes mistakes including those at the top, when the flaws are endemic and dangerous, noticeably so, trust evaporates and disquiet grows as the community contract feels betrayed.  Even as you know that this breaking down is all a part of the great transition to a new civilisation, the dissonance can be painful.  If you find yourself in unease with a foreign shadow on your heart and a concern for the way of your world, remember that a great leader is within you, not outside you - and that new leaders can and will come forward to inspire, guide and protect.  Present leaders can change too.

The frailties of others of whatever degree they may be serve you well in teaching you how not to be, and you can teach them by your expectation and example.  Change is inevitable, and change is good. You need nothing.

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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