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Blue Moon

October 31, 2020,
Claire Montanaro
...gnarled branches reaching up to the moon
This blue full moon, this second full moon in October, today, is balanced by the sun, tempering and reflecting the qualities of each other.  Similarly the coin which is the mark of your soul bears the feminine qualities of Mother Moon on the one side of it and the masculine power of Emperor Sun on the other, both, together, bringing you to the perfection of Spirit which is your potential when you are ready.

The cosmic position of the sun at any time has a profound impact on the moon, particularly when it is full, or new, and as it moves around the different constellations the qualities and energies of each one will merge with the intense energy of the moon to highlight those aspects within you, directly.  At this full moon, today, the sun is in Scorpio, the sign representing challenge, in order for you to learn and grow again, overcoming the outstanding frailties of your personality and thereby releasing your soul.  Today, 31st October 2020, the moon and the sun speak to you loudly of test of the soul, test of you, and test of the world.

The new cycle when the sun is governed by Scorpio begins today, and it may be that the pressures of recent months will become even more prominent in the weeks to come, Scorpio challenging the world as well as you and me about our wisdom, our humanity, our tolerance and our care for the Planet.  How much have we learned over this life and so many lifetimes, and how well? The challenge of Scorpio is not new, and it will continue as long as we resist the call to wake up and change.

Furthermore Mercury is in retrograde still, alongside Mars, distracting and confusing us in their own way deliberately, and all the anger and judgment I see everywhere is amplified by these powerful planets, demonstrating through the negativity of the many how important it is to be calm and to remember what these great current events are all about.  Anger does much harm and has no redeeming qualities, but more fiery aggression is likely to be seen on the streets of America and Europe and beyond before the universal realisation of a better way for change is born.

Today’s full moon is partnered with the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain, whose annual pagan celebration this is.  Fire is an important part of the ancient festival, used in divination and for purification of the soul and marking the time when the veil between earth and spirit is at its thinnest, so giving rise to legends about the presence of unquiet spirits seeking salvation.  As the autumn leaves fall and the nights close in, it is a good time to remember what we need to let go and burn away, in order to meet the Scorpian challenges of our unruly, unsettled world.  The spirits of our past are present now more than ever, to help not hinder, and certainly not to be feared.

A scorpion sting will end the life of its prey and bring about a new beginning for it, and so it is for you and me.  At this October blue moon, Scorpio is stinging, chiding, and reminding us.  His influence always is here, sometimes strong and sometimes more subdued, and when the Sun moves to link with Sagittarius next month his challenges may be less direct, but the lessons will carry on, testing souls and testing us more and more until we need to learn no more.  

Remember, the harder the learning the greater will be your reward – and that God smiles to see your effort, and your very, very great success.  Do not let anger, passive or active, hidden or open, delay your path to the greater path - for it will. More importantly, your calm will calm the world - and that is the key message of this Blue Moon, today.



Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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