Dandelions at Wesak

May 6, 2022,
Claire Montanaro
dandelions……….those beautiful, graceful elements of nature……

Many weeds are despised for being untidy and unworthy of a neat garden, just as people are judged too often by their appearance or apparent insignificance.  For some gardeners, plants that appear naturally and from nowhere are unwelcome guests that must be sprayed or pulled without consideration for what good they may bring with them, for the gardener must be in control.

Dandelions are hated by controlling gardeners, who are not interested in the fact that eight of these sun-plants will provide sufficient nectar to feed one bee for all its life, and that the seed heads are loved by many birds.  A garden with areas of uncultivated land will find many more insects among the native wildflowers there than in a carefully planted pollinator bed – helpful though it is.

Our relationship with and attitude to land and the truly natural world reflects who and what we are, how rigid, authoritarian we are, how far we wish it to reflect us rather than being allowed to be itself, and whether we see it as separate from us or part of us, a chore or a blessing.  If we look at nature with the eyes of nature, a conventional eyesore becomes a miraculous gift to us all.

It is a good time to ponder the blessings around us as, soon, on 16th May, the great festival of Wesak will take place when Lord Buddha will return to Earth to bestow his blessing on mankind and the Planet.  It is the most important day in the spiritual calendar, a day of ritual and invocation when all enlightened souls meet together to invoke the Master and then take His gift into the world.  You, as always, will be among them with your own role to play and work to do.

It is fitting that this year Wesak falls at a lunar eclipse and when Mercury is retrograde, for simplicity, clarity and discernment will be of great importance at this time of major change as a new era comes into being, and the astrological alignments will demand you see events and your part in them through the eyes of wisdom and without judgment.  It may be that the period around Wesak will mark a turning point in the acceleration of time and the planetary vibrational energy, and, at a lower level, the stability of global money markets and the security of the world. 

Eclipses signify completion, endings and new beginnings, and often are triangular in their symbolism:  it may be the key triangle this month will comprise Russia, China and the West, with Ukraine at its heart.  There is more to come of a significant nature from this triangle, which may expand to become a triangle dominated by crises of money, war and nature.  Our attitude to the natural world is key at this time of spiritual significance and planetary change – indeed, it was our contempt for the natural world over millennia that has brought us to the point at which we are, a point of separation and self-sabotage where our existential future is under question. 

When Lord Buddha, through the great spiritual Masters, gives you His blessing next week, what will you do with it?  It is not enough to receive it and to hold it for yourself, for you are asked to do with it what will serve the Plan of God best, unselfishly.  You may, perhaps, wish to give it to those who are deemed of no value, of whatever degree they are, for what is least so often is most.  It may be they are people who suffer in war and famine, so often just nameless statistics, or it may be those beautiful, graceful elements of nature that are deemed to have no value, even though they have the greatest worth for Gaia and for God. 

See the splendour in everything, and enhance it with the Buddhic blessing: as in all karma, it will return to you in infinite abundance, and God will be happy.

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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