Easter and the nature of your Soul

April 15, 2022,
Claire Montanaro
………from our suffering comes our resurrection

When Jesus served on Earth some 2000 years ago, as part of his teaching and example he underwent all the initiations it was possible for a man to experience, tested and tested again about the challenges of being human, and being human well.  He showed us how to be our best despite or because of the trials of life on Earth.

Easter is a time when many people particularly remember him, his sacrifice and his suffering, and just as he had empathy for everyone he encountered, so you too, as you reflect upon the meaning of this Easter weekend, may feel for the man and the Master who taught us that from our suffering comes our resurrection.  

His story is more important than ever this year as the worst and the best of humanity is on stark display, along with the harshest of adversity in Ukraine and far beyond.  With the knowledge that more ordeals are to come it is hard to see the imminence of resurrection or any happy outcome for the world at this moment. 

As you grieve for the outside world you may be undergoing a crucifixion of suffering yourself, for this is a time when many people are being challenged in a way that correlates with their level of spiritual evolution and their human lesson plan.  How you feel consciously now reflects the feelings and longings in your soul: there may be memories still of the terrible anguish experienced by Jesus, memories that are so strong of his pain and yours that they obliterate your joy in knowing that his suffering was the prelude to his spiritual resurrection and a liberation that freed him and served us all.

You are a reflection of Jesus, and your suffering, past present or future can be comforted in remembering that it is temporary and it will end, for the fundamental nature of your soul is to be in joy, to love and to do good wherever you can.  You may wish to look at the influence of the mind meanwhile, to see if it is prolonging your suffering unnecessarily through negative emotions and imaginings. 

Just as your suffering is temporary, so too is the suffering created by war, poverty, self-interest and materialism, all of which can shadow souls until the veils of ignorance and complacency fall away to be replaced by a new awareness and understanding of the true values in life.  The crucifixion of suffering will be gone to be replaced by a magnificent resurrection of human souls into the new world which is our future.

This year may continue to be testing and you may be witness to some extraordinary and disconcerting events.  At such times remember if you can the true nature of your soul and all souls, and that you and they will break free from the constraints of the old world just as Jesus did.  To suffer and to see suffering is hard, but it is not forever.

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

2 comments on “Easter and the nature of your Soul”

  1. I am always reminded at times like this that we are here to LIVE a life, not endure a life. And although circumstances may dictate that at times it feels like a marathon that will never end, there is light and love all around if we can only focus on it.

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