Full Moon Celebrations


The dominant influence of the Festival of Aquarius stimulates the spiritual capacity of man to love and to serve his fellowmen, to become inclusive and compassionate, and to share his own resources freely and fully in seeking to meet the needs he recognises. Such an influence is greatly needed in a world where humanity has crystallised into a condition of selfishness and separateness. In the long run nothing can withstand the potent energies pouring through the constellation Aquarius. These energies are dominated by the second ray of love and wisdom, the fourth ray of harmony through conflict, and the seventh ray of order and organisation with its power to establish relationships and to anchor spiritual energy in material form.

The Aquarian state of consciousness, as a pervasive force in many today, cannot fail to stimulate change in the consciousness of the human race as a whole. To the extent that the world servers with the human kingdom can maintain their pose within the stream of Aquarian energy, receiving, giving and living the power and the love available to them, so will they serve to irradiate and transform the whole human environment. Central to all experience in the life of a disciple influenced by Aquarius is the beauty of group life, group good and group service.

Keynote: Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men.

(Material originating from the Lucis Trust)