Full Moon Celebrations


The keynote for the disciple in Pisces is a particularly useful seed thought for meditation. It carries within it the whole process of involution and evolution; the going forth of the unit of life into a material state of consciousness so dense that for long ages the innate divinity of the soul in incarnation is lost to sight. Gradually, through the process of experience in matter, the life aspect begins to re-assert its presence, eventually exerting such a pull on the consciousness of the personality that the decision is made to tread the "path of return," to "turn back" towards the source and the origin of Being. It is the story of the prodigal son within each member of the human family.

The keynote also carries the note of redemption. The act of conscious return to the "father's home" serves to refine and redeem material substance. The substance of the various bodies, appropriated during the involutionary process, becomes so impregnated with spiritual light and energy as the consciousness of the soul begins to control, that the individual life is "saved" from further control by other units of life within the environment. The influence of Pisces can, therefore, have a compelling effect within the planetary theme of Redemption, the purpose of manifestation.

Keynote: I leave the Father's home and turning back, I save.

(Material originating from the Lucis Trust)