Full Moon Celebrations


Sagittarius provides a point of balance in which the vision is consciously deepened and meaningful activity expanded. In meditation the steady eye is developed which perceives clearly the higher spiritual values, prior to loosing the arrow of mental power with purposeful intention towards the goal to be achieved. This is the quality as it develops, which will carry humanity through the portal of initiation.

In reflection during this Festival we work with a clear, will-inspired energy, on a beam of directed, focussed light; a light so compelling and one-pointed that the next immediate goal to be achieved by the human family stands fully revealed. That goal is a world condition of right relationships between men and between nations; of cooperation and sharing between all peoples, races and ideologies; and the right distribution of the world's resources, which belong to all humanity. As extremes of all kinds are eliminated, and moderation and reason become descriptive of humanity, the word "united" may begin to approximate its true meaning within the assembly halls of the United Nations.

Keynote: I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another

(Material originating from the Lucis Trust)