Gravitational Waves – Going beyond Light

February 11, 2016,
Claire Montanaro

Gravitational waves are vibrations that are formed by the expansion and compression of space: this distortion is caused by the movement of a dark spatial object, such as a black hole, which until now has been unable to be detected because it lacks light. Astronomers hitherto have needed light to see what is in our Universe: now, as gravitational waves can move through dark matter, the dark can be used to enlighten us about much that has been hidden. The implications are considerable. Not so far from now, scientists will be able to go back in time to see the earliest phases of the development of our Universe, and it may be that thousands of space objects that have been invisible to humans will become known, leading to a revolution in our understanding of the cosmos, and our planetary history. Astral travellers and celestial beings that populate our solar system may be revealed - when we are ready, and it is safe to do so. The discovery of gravitational waves is a further indication that the human race has evolved sufficiently to receive and use these revelations wisely. We are living in a time of scientific discovery that challenges our assumptions and changes our views of our world: it encourages us to ponder on our place and purpose, and to use science as the catalyst for spiritual awakening and not as a mental restriction from imagination, vision and soul growth. It is a wonderful gift to be alive now, and to be a part of these great events. What, for me, is most exciting is this confirmation that the ultimate truth lies in going beyond the dark. The Light is the aura that shields the place where God resides; it is our comfort and our blessing, and embracing the Light takes us close to the heart of Spirit, but not to its essence. Accessing the home of God is denied to most of us for now, but if we are to be allowed to touch the dark of the cosmos, we may, for the first time in human history, be able to enter the sublimity which is the perfect Darkness of Spirit, and the Being which is Love. Gravitational waves are about dark matter and dark energy, and also the unseen world of Spirit. Look, and you shall find. (image by ESO/L. Calçada) [byline]]]>

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