The Cross behind the Equinox

September 18, 2023,
Claire Montanaro
...a reminder of the power of nature....

When you think about the Equinox, it may be you see it as the time when, twice a year in March and September, the hours of day and night are equal.  It is more than that.

As the second equinox of 2023 approaches, the Sun is preparing to move into his position which will be directly overhead the Equator at noon, crossing north to south and creating symbolically the sign of the Cross.  Wherever in the world you are at the time, the horizontal arms of the Cross will be formed each by the hours of day and night and the Sun will form the vertical staff.  In seeing the Equinox in this expanded way you may understand why it is so powerful.

The Cross of the Equinox applies to Planet Earth directly and strongly as it defines north and south above and below the arms that embrace the equator and that are touched by the Sun God.  Simultaneously the Sun in its passage south through the body of the Planet is dividing east from west, and so four quartiles are created within and because of the Cross.

There is more: as you can see, the four arms of the Cross around and above the Equinox and the quartiles created from it represent north, south, east and west, and so epitomise the Four Elements;  Fire is in the East, Earth is in the South, Water is in the West and Air is in the North.  Always important, they are of marked significance now as the world changes and moves on.

In recent times you have seen the Spirits of the Elements in direct action on Earth as floods, earthquakes, fires, and satellite and other communication wars cause sad damage to places and people.  They are a reminder of the power of nature and humankind’s inability to control it: they also are a sign of the ending of an old complacent way of life and the imminence of something fresh and new.  It is the message of the Equinox this weekend, and of the Cross behind it.

It is no coincidence that, this week, Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, is in a powerful alignment with the Sun while Neptune, the God of the Sea, is opposite the Sun and bringing with it, for some, a sense of loss, confusion or even despair.  I encourage you to look for the transformative aspects of this time of Equinox change and to accept that change can be painful as it clears, heals and helps you move on to your new world.

Seeing the Cross behind the Equinox on Saturday reminds you that there is a power far greater than anything in the world of humanity, the majority within which cannot or will not see the richness of the world of infinite light and life that is their prize and yours.  The Great Creator of that perfect world is within you and without, loving you, never judging you, awaiting your prayers and always, always answering them. 

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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