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Ukraine and the Initiations

March 11, 2022,
Claire Montanaro
let the beauty of nature help you....

Russian attacks on nuclear plants in Ukraine and the serious possibility of a significant escalation in the use of battlefield weapons brings the sense of personal vulnerability much closer.  The uncertainty for we who watch is unsettling, but it is right that we share directly or indirectly in the pain of the world that is epitomised in a conflict at the heart of Europe.  It is a world war that challenges the human race, its past and present, from which we cannot be exempt.

Every level of the learning that is our challenge on our soul’s long journey is being tested and displayed now:  the first initiation is about greed, violence and lack of self-control and we see this in the actions and motivation of Putin, his armies and his oligarchs.  The second initiation concerns desires and fears, self-interest and negativity on full display and not just in Russia;  control of our thoughts is the keynote of the third initiation, and more and more a propaganda war is being waged as well as a physical one so that it is hard to know what is truth and what is illusion, and media reporting – well intentioned though it may seem to be – is twisting what we think and believe.  Suffering is at the heart of the fourth initiation, and it is heart-breaking to see the extent of suffering experienced by the people, animals and land of Ukraine. 

The fourth initiation, known sometimes as the Initiation of the Crucifixion, is the final one that focuses solely on our humanity – subsequent initiations relate to our transition onto our cosmic path.  I will mention the fifth initiation here too, however, because it is the Initiation of Revelation, when we will be evolving rapidly as spiritual beings and when at last we will be able to see fully without the veil of obscurity that constrained us for so long.  

It will be a great pinnacle of achievement, and while what is occurring so violently and cruelly in Europe now will break apart the world as we have known it, a global crucifixion metaphorically speaking, the resurrection that will follow will be the realisation of the very special fifth initiation, both to be welcomed and to be prized. 

There will be a few more stages to reach this point, but you are able to see the pattern of change that began outwardly with the COVID pandemic, through continuing climate challenge and Earth eruption, through war now and food and water shortages to come.  Civilisation is transforming rapidly, and it must do so for the Planet and humanity to pass the test of the Initiation of Revelation and to become better and kinder.

The human journey to cosmic realisation is hard, but the most challenging lessons bring great reward.  The struggle will affect each of us, whether it is physically, financially or emotionally and some people, as we are witnessing, are suffering enormously on behalf of us all.  For their sake and the sake of the world, see and speak the truth with clear eyes and voice, act with compassion to help where you can, be practical in adjusting your everyday life as needed, and know that the pain will pass. 

Nature is a great healer, meanwhile.  By helping nature and letting the beauty of nature help you, you are helping Gaia all over the world and in those war-torn places of suffering that need your healing most.

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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8 comments on “Ukraine and the Initiations”

  1. I'm mindful of the fact that Putin et al is only a part of the puzzle and we too have our own oligarchs and corporatocracty that fuels our side of an unnecessary conflict. This is not black and white with a 'we are right' and 'they are wrong' attitude, it is a mix of greys to which we must all hold our hand up and own. I think I've said before I accept and recognise I am equally a part of the problem because I help fuel the corporate hegemony that requires such conflicts of who owns what to stay in play. And although I recognise this ia fight of good vs evil, it's the light in us vs the dark in us that is the true conflict we need to address. As the bible suggests, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. We are all equally and severally liable!

    1. I agree with you, Linda - thank you for putting it so well. This is so much about community responsibility and also values, and the opportunity to do both better!

  2. It is intreasting that Putin has become the focus fir all our anger and hate..especially in the media who seem to be fuelling it all...he's portrayed as the new Hitler. However I suspect there is much more behind this than meets the eye. World War 3 my mother often feared for she never really recovered from ww11. She was always referring to it when something triggered her memories. I suspect she had PTSD undiagnosed and her pride in being competent no matter what prevented her ever getting the help she might have needed. Countries have their own karma as do people so we look on with as it progresses. As I've returned to a big city I'm slightly anxious which way it will go.East London was heavily bombed in the last war & my mother lost animals and friends in it. It disent look like being resolved soon and I have to sit with my uneasiness.I pray nuclear or chemicals aren't next to be used but the signs were there with the Salisbury poisonings.

    1. Thank you, Sat Kartar. I agree, karma has a lot to do with this situation, and how we deal with it could be healing - though there may need to be a healing crisis too.

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