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“What’s in it for Me?” The EU Referendum Conundrum

April 14, 2016,
Claire Montanaro

Achieving karmic healing is straightforward, if you remember that the nature of your life and your challenges are indicators of what you incarnated for, karmically, and that everything you do leaves a karmic footprint, for good or otherwise. Service to your community is another matter, and the debate about the EU Referendum here in the UK and elsewhere epitomises the misunderstandings that exist, or are ignored, about your responsibility in this regard. The Great Plan of God invites you, and me, to be a good and loving steward of Earth, and all who live here. We are the guardians of nature, of the lands and the seas, the air and the stars, and far beyond that. This is our planetary community, and our every action has an impact upon its well-being. More narrowly, our kinship applies to the land to which we belong, to the town or city where we live, to our local community, to our work, perhaps to our church or other place of gathering, or a religion, and then, to our immediate circle of family and friends, the nucleus of our world. The EU, meanwhile, is a political, social and economic community of nation states all of which have subjective vested interests. Many voices from within the EU bureaucracy, from individual members, from organisations like the IMF or NATO, and countries like the Unites States and Australia, are calling on the UK to remain within the EU. While some are speaking of the dangers inherent in Brexit for the UK, other perhaps more honest commentators speak of the dangers for the EU itself, and the wider global community: they wish to maintain the membership status quo not primarily in the interests of Britain, but in their own interests. They are protecting their community. The dilemma for British voters is that they are being asked to decide what is their true community, and how do they wish it to be. If they vote to reinforce the community of America, or Germany, or the European Union, are they sacrificing the wellbeing of the their national or local, or family community? If they vote to leave the EU, what will that do to the community that is closest and most important to them? In the end, that may be the answer – knowing where your heart lies, and how best your vote can help it. It is not about, “what’s in it for me?” but rather, “what’s in it for us?” As you hear the arguments going backwards and forwards from all corners of the world, you may wish to ask yourself if the plea for your vote is for the sake of your community, or for theirs. Then you will know what to do.   [byline]      ]]>

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.

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2 comments on ““What’s in it for Me?” The EU Referendum Conundrum”

  1. Thank you Claire for this. I feel it is a really important time to vote, however although I knew where I was when I was involved with the Referendum Party in 1997 and now suddenly with all this "talk" I felt exactly as your blog mentions, not really knowing what is right for us as community. Bringing it back to thoughts of our local community I can now see what is "right". Thank you!

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