A Journey through the Underworld at Wesak

April 22, 2024,
Claire Montanaro
....the earthy element of nature, growth and regeneration...

We are so lucky to be alive now.   It is a period of importance, when every moment sees the great pendulum of transformation swing down in measured rhythm, ticking down the time to the end of the world as it has been for thousands of years, waiting to start its upward movement of new life.

This year, I say again as I have said before, is pivotal as it shows itself to be the bridge between two realities, and this week is of particular significance for spiritual and astrological reasons, all relating to the Full Moon on Wednesday.

While Buddhists will celebrate Buddha’s birthday on 23rd May, students of esoteric spiritual philosophy mark Wesak at the time of the Taurus Full Moon, which this year is 24th April.  The Ancient Wisdoms say that at Wesak the Hierarchy of Masters gathers in the Himalayas to receive the blessing of Buddha and to take it into the world.  Masters of all degrees are there, working in ritual, invocation and evocation to call Him to Earth just once a year, and always He comes.  It is a timeless and great mystical celebration, and it may be you are there too as witness and celebrant in this gathering of your spiritual brothers and sisters, teachers and friends.

Wesak this year is all about the testing of the soul.  Similarly, the influence of Scorpio and Taurus at the Full Moon is about the challenge between the watery, dark side of life and the earthy element of nature, growth and regeneration.  We are on a journey through an underworld where toxicity and deception, even corruption waft like unquiet spirits around us trying to confuse and destabilise us as we push our way forward towards the light we know is at the end. 

The wraiths can only stop us if we believe this is all there is:  know that they are an illusion, they do not exist unless we let them, and meanwhile the wonders of Earth and the truth of God’s world of goodness, which can be our world, are all around us.  It is a test of the soul, one undertaken by all the great World Teachers at a point on their journey of suffering, and one we must undergo ourselves when we are ready.  Perhaps, as we see the disintegration of the third dimensional world we inhabit, that time is now.

Dig deep, therefore, and find within your darkness the reality and the integrity that are hidden by the ghostly wraiths of illusion.  At this Wesak Moon, look for the rebirth and the transformation that are at the end of this journey through the underworld of now, and be the truth of your true being. 

You are one among many great souls in service to God and the future of Earth. 

As such, you are so very welcome to be with old friends on that cold mountain in Tibet on Wednesday.  Wesak is an annual celebration, the most important day in the spiritual calendar for many, but beneath the joy of reunion lies solemn purpose and commitment.  Remember, you like them are a messenger too, and you have work to do.

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

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