The Future of the Mind: the Atlantean Connection

February 19, 2015,
Claire Montanaro

In Atlantis, may thousands of years ago, a battle raged between two factions, one of which wanted power for personal gain while the other wanted power in order to preserve peace. The weapons of the latter group were spiritual values: the armoury of the former group was an intent to control the souls of the Atlantean people though control of their minds, and it was the implication inherent in this scenario that caused God to intervene to ensure this did not happen, for the subjugation of a soul could lead to the control of Spirit. Atlantis had to fall. [caption id="attachment_2827" align="alignright" width="265"]The Future of the Mind The Future of the Mind?[/caption] Everyone who lived during those eventful times is present on Earth now, for we are re-playing the epic, true play in a different, modern dress but with the same themes as then. Materialism is pitted against altruism, and this is our chance to reject the forces that could destroy our race and our planet through their drive for wealth and power at any cost, and to demonstrate that, at last, we have learned the lessons of Atlantis. The use of power can be insidious: we see it being wielded through the manipulation of money and politics; through the dominance of the corporates who control the global energy supplies, the media, and our health; through the huge arms businesses that encourage war; and through the systems that encourage state dependency. It is wrong that the development of free, green energy is being stopped by groups with vested interests, and that “healthcare” increasingly is being imposed on us; that governments can tamper with our water and require vaccinations and other chemical interventions, while forbidding many natural remedies and practices. There should be choice, and increasingly our right to decide is being taken from us. Since Atlantis fell our ability to think freely has largely been allowed even though there have been times when attempts at forcible persuasion to believe a certain way have been made, often for religious or political reasons. More recently the growing use of drugs and medication to treat them is changing how the minds of recipients work, and it is alarming to learn the extent of the long-term effects of even a cough mixture on the brain. A new development takes mind-control to another level altogether, as scientists like Professor Michio Kakiu talk about the ability to photograph thoughts and dreams – all mental activity – with a view to re-inserting and re-using the thought processes at a later date, or storing them forever: Professor Kakiu calls it a form of immortality, “a library of souls”, but I see huge dangers in this control of the mind, and of consciousness, and of people, with much potential for abuse. If the mind of the future is one that is programmed, the human individual has become a robot. Remember Atlantis, please.   [byline]]]>

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I am a spiritual teacher, channel and writer with a special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition, who loves nature and wildlife.  My aim is to help your human and soul journey through spiritual wisdom, spiritual connection and the raising of consciousness.

4 comments on “The Future of the Mind: the Atlantean Connection”

  1. Hello dear Claire, I fully resonate with your insights. Wim Wenders showed the danger of meddling with our dreams in a beautiful hunting film called "Until the End of the World" that I can warmly recommend. I vividly recall how deeply the film's message touched me although at the time I had very little awareness of such technology or the sacred practice of dreaming that is now key in my shamanic work. Personally I feel as more and more people are becoming aware of the power of their thoughts, how to establish boundaries against toxins of all kinds and allow the wisdom held in the body to strengthen, anything designed with the intent to manipulate and control will become useless and fall by the wayside. I observe this in adults and children. Especially the ones born very recently (since 2012) seem to come in with a certain new resilience, I'd even say immunity. The way forward will be interesting as these ones grow older and more are coming into body.
    Much love Judith x

    1. I so appreciate your comments, dear Judith. Thank you for reminding us of the power of thought and what we can do to withstand the attempts to control us, however it is done. Your dreaming work in your shamanic practice sounds wonderful.

  2. G'day, Claire!
    In addition to your comments, it is also wise to note that, in his *Prinicples of Psychology*, the late William James (1890/1950, vol. I) discussed this very same issue, albeit in a different form: his discussion of nineteenth-century automaton theory and mind-stuff theory. In the latter instance, he is basically making the case for the existence of the soul. As for the former instance . . .
    As I know first-hand from my dealings with passive aggressive graduate instructors in both the psychology and counselling side of things, facing up to reality is a pretty difficult issue for such ilk. This, too, is a replay of things from Atlantean times. It's also a bloody pain to have to deal with.
    James, W. (1890/1950). *The Principles of Psychology*. (vol. I) New York: Dover Publications, Inc. Chapter on Automaton Theory retrieved from: Chapter on Mind-Stuff Theory retrieved from:

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