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The Inlumino Global Spiritual Blog

An Unquiet World, and a Black Supermoon

The Black Supermoon of recent nights has made its majestic presence felt most powerfully, filled with message and symbolism, and continues so to do, affecting all of us.
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New Moon, New Year, and Storms of Change

The first day of 2014 saw a new calendar year, and also a new Moon which, according to certain astrologers, symbolised through its conjunction with Pluto the taking of the Sun into the underworld and the bringing of the underworld into the sky – truly new beginnings, and new, inter-dimensional opportunities.
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Comet Ison, the Change-Maker

The comet known as Ison is beginning to take the attention of many, a bright cold ball made up of dust and space debris such as formed our solar system so long ago, now hurtling at speed towards our sun.
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