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The Inlumino Global Spiritual Blog

Black and White

At the time of last week’s solstice the tectonic plates of the lower dimensions shifted, exposing and enabling great shafts of energy from the planes beyond to stir our human world into self-revelation and a final choosing. The energies released were, distinctly, dark and light, and it was as if millions of black and white […]
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I invite you to remember how it was and how you were when Earth was young, and so were you.
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A Month to Prepare

This year of 2020 will be remembered for the unexpected: just as we feel we know what is happening and are adjusting to a new reality, another shock occurs to challenge our complacency and cause us to reflect again on our attitudes and approach to life as we are thrown further into a seething cauldron […]
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A New Wesak

Every occurrence in 2020 has an added significance because it is in 2020, the year of revolution, and each new moon, each full moon, every spiritual festival is sharpened in energy and especially meaningful.  Please remember this as you prepare for Wesak and the gift of Buddha’s return.
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A Contradictory Time

In my home there are three large, visible clocks.  One is radio-controlled, one is battery operated and the third is a Victorian mantel clock, and none of them work, while all of them should.
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Coronavirus and Kale

Some years ago a kale plant in my garden self-seeded and I found two stray plants growing alongside roses in container pots in the kitchen yard.  Side by side they have flourished.  I left the kale alone as they got woodier by the year, rarely harvesting the leaves and intending to remove them altogether but […]
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Coronavirus, and the Reversal of Equality

COVID-19, already, has teased and tested each of us, bringing out through our experiences and reactions glimpses of the truth of who we are.  I speak not of being ill, necessarily, but of being a part, a witness and a participant, to events far greater than the current situation may indicate. 
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COVID-19 and being Selfish

Although it has been affecting humans for some three months now, COVID-19 is a virus that has much mystery.  Despite intense efforts by scientists and doctors we do not know for sure how it is transmitted, how long it is incubated, at what stage it is infectious, what is the likelihood of re-infection, or how […]
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The Master of Aquarius

Some years ago, on a night of wild-life, I asked to meet the Master of Aquarius, to question him about the storms battering the Planet even then.
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Coming to your Senses

The recent January full moon was the precursor to a rare astrological conjunction between Saturn and Pluto that symbolised, like the full moon only far more so, aspects of finality and loss, challenge and accountability. 
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